Chaka Adventures Safaris - Activities

Here in Tanzania, the options for activities are endless: mountain climbing, safari adventures, beach lounging, scuba diving, culture tourism, walking, and exploring are just some of the activities on offer. We believe a safari in Africa should be more than just a sightseeing tour , it should be the journey of a lifetime and surpass your every expectation

Cultural Tours

The Hadzabe, people around lake Eyasi

Cultural Tours: In Tanzania, besides it?s spectacular wildlife and beautiful landscapes, another attraction stands equally tall: the people and their culture. Tanzania’s people are among the most welcoming and approachable on Africa, with a range of fascinating cultures ready to be shared with visitors. One gets to learn about traditional life styles, sample their food and listen to local traditional stories.

Tanzania is home to 120 different tribes, each with their own language! The Sukuma, Haya, Chagga, Nyamwezi, Hehe, Gogo and Makonde are the most significant in terms of population, although the Masai are the most famous, springing to mind for most visitors to Tanzania.

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